Wednesday, June 08, 2005

First Post

(That title is in honor of the great and silly internet past-time of First Posting)

I ran a blog on my website ( a while back, with a very small number of readers. I probably knew each of the readers personally from before the blog, actually. The main reason I hosted it there was to roll my own blog technology. I actually wrote a very basic web-scripting system in Python, that let me embed posts, basic data, etc. into web pages. I even wrote my first GUI application as a tool for managing the posts and categories. To top it off, it was all multi-user enough for my wife to run one, too, and to merge our personal blogs from our homepages into the front page of the website, all in my own primitive scripting format.

What a trip.

Well, for the moment I can't spend the time maintaining my own server and all that, so I decided to move to a blog service. I wanted one that will still let me host from my own site, which will let me do. And, when I saw I could post from my phone, I was hooked. Finally, a good way to vent on my lunch break at work!

So, what should a blog be? What should my blog be. I suppose, as any blogger does, I would post about the things that interest myself. I will post about my views of the world, my ideas for software and technology, and maybe some thoughts on my first book I am slowly writing.

This I write for myself, to take my jumbled mind and lay it down, for a moment, into a coherent enough a set of ideas that I can make sense of it, for a moment. Perhaps, just maybe, you can do the same.

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