Saturday, October 29, 2005

Focus, Direction, and Real Life

My wife and I have a baby on the way, my best friend moved in with us after running into some hard times, co-workers are causing my daily headaches, and my car broke down in my driveway. Where do I find time to code?

As it is I seem to barely have time for my code, and I wasn't making the progress I'd like even when I was impressed with the progress I was making. Factor in my continuing frustrations over the lack of writing and art I've been able to spend time on, and my output just looks dismal. Real Life, the good and the bad, are cutting into the things I always though real life would be made of, for me.

I pretty much know that until I can support myself and my family independantly, I don't have time for coding, writing, and art. I only have time for one. It forces me to look at it from a bussiness aspect, of which would bring me money quick enough to allow me to resurrect my other hobbies? It also instills growing fears of loss if I fail at any of them. Not only will I continue to work a dead job, but I'll continue to have no time for creativity.

Where's a grant when you need one?

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Ned Batchelder said...

Don't despair: the baby on the way will be a huge challenge, but also a huge gift, in ways that you can't even anticipate. Your energy and desire for art and creativity in your life will help you find a way.

I don't mean to be a fortune cookie here: I'm speaking from experience. In some ways it doesn't get easier, but your heart will help your head find the path.