Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why My Weekend Is Lonely and Happy

This weekend is long and lonely and happy.

My weekend started very early on Friday night, getting Caelan dressed and in the car to drive his mother to the airport in Greensboro, an hour and a half away. Amazing what and when you'll drive for $25 dollar tickets. Heather has never flown before, so I did my best to keep her feeling confident and walked her all the way to the security check. Everything was in order, I took the baby home and went to sleep for the first time that night, and woke up with panicked messages from Brandy, who didn't know why Heather never got off the plane in Ohio.

Needless to say, I was curious.

Granted, Heather could have noticed the flight was not correct, but she was incredibly nervous and even fearful of her first time on a plane, so I don't blame her for it. The airline, however, really shouldn't let people on planes who don't have a ticket to be on that plane. Cried all her make-up when she got to Boston, 700 miles from the intended Columbus, OH destination. I was frantic up until getting that call from her, when she finally touched down at the right airport, hours later than expected. Poor Heather. At least she got there, eventually, and could start enjoying her weekend.

So, I'm on baby duty and getting work done from home over a four-day weekend. I'm keeping myself busy around the house, and at the computer, and with the kid. Trying to keep myself occupied. I don't sleep along very often, usually when I stay up very late and actually get a chance to sleep in the next morning, which is exceedingly rare. Several days alone, in a row, is a different thing. I'm glad that Brandy and Heather have this time, and at least they don't have to sleep alone. Get your mind out of the gutter, guys. I get messages from one or the other of them from time to time, so at least it is nice to hear that they are having a good time, and that Heather loves the kids, and that hopefully the carnivores won't mind a good dish of Soy Chili.

Looking forward to Heather's return, but I'm really happy she is enjoying herself. I like the one-on-one time with Caelan, anyway.

On a side note, I'm planning to blog more on here, now. I have too many times I want to write about something that just doesn't fit for the tech blog, so I need a revival here.

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