Saturday, March 28, 2009

I am not a Party Goer

I have never been a party person. I can't say anything original about why the party system ruins our politics. No, the two-party system does not ruin it: the party system ruins it. They may be a natural growth of the connections and deals politicians will make to push their agendas. I can't associate with any party. I want to point out that I hate writing this, because while this may be a "rant" blog, I do intend to mean something with what I say and this is very hard to write without sounding like regurgitated echos.

I'm scrambling to describe my thoughts about this. I don't like not being able to pour the words into the <textarea> and just keep rambling on with at least some feeling that I'm keeping coherent thoughts.

I associate mostly with democrats, but its a deal made good by volume more than quality. I see benefits in ideals of democrats, republicans, libertarians, socialists, communists, etc. I suppose conservatives are the only group I can't find a shred of understanding with. Is The Right fighting the bailouts and government expansion in a weak attempt to push themselves back in power? I don't know. I do know that I see some merit. I want to socialize a lot of services, but I don't want to support the failing banks. The problem is not just the usual situation of no one party doing everything I like, but not even doing the few things I like for the reasons that I would. I don't want to let the banks and insurance companies fail because it is capitalism at its finest. I don't believe in loans and insurance and want to see them abolished, and if the free market has done that, so be it. If it won't, I support making them illegal and that is content for another post.

Obama has really disappointed me, sort of. I expected it, so i guess its not a disappointed to get the same frustrations you already expected. I did think that the support of Lessig would mean he gives a fairer chance to free software and the end of copyright chaos, but his RIAA friends are just going to run wild now. More later.

Bachmann is a crazy lunatic, but she's right about one thing: Orderly Revolution is good every now and then. Is it a revolution if you do it legally, within the powers of democracy?

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