Saturday, September 24, 2005

Pandora makes me want to spend money on music again

I love music, and I hate to buy a CD. To think how much I'm paying for that CD, with the full knowledge of how much it really costs to make, and how much the bands I love even get from the sales. I'd rather buy Ogg Vorbis streams directly from the band members, but that won't happen while the RIAA is still running this country.

Still, Pandora has given me the desire to spend money on music again, by giving me actual value in its service. Thanks, Ned, for blogging about this.

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Tom Conrad said...

Hey Calvin,

Just wanted to say thanks for your post; this is exactly why we built Pandora. It's a great feeling to hear that people like you are enjoying the music. Thanks for listening and don't hesitate to drop us a note (or blog) about what we could be doing better. We really want to make Pandora the best music service there is.

Have fun listening,

CTO @ Pandora