Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Will XForms eliminate XUL?

Will the introduction of a complete XForms implementation in the Mozilla platform eliminate the need for XUL? I wouldn't be surprised if the current implementation uses XUL for the actual rendering of the forms, but wouldn't it make sense to work toward eliminating XUL from the Mozilla platform, in favor of a standard alternative? On a related note, it seems there could be plans to incorporate OpenGL or some similar API to the new canvas element, which would mean that if you allowed document rendering to a canvas element (XML is finally looking cool) you could have the entire window just be a big canvas element, render the browser's own XForm document to it (which would render the pages in their own canvas elements!) and all of this, being drawn with a clean and proper API, could be hardware accelerated, where such is available on Mac OS X, Windows with Avalon, and decent configurations of

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