Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Name is not Scott

Some may know and now all will, that my name is Calvin. Over the years of working in various positions that require me to deal with lots of people over the phone (fielding calls from customers managing the furniture store, dealing with vendors and carriers for K-Mart, now) I have noticed a very odd and very consistent trend.

I tell them my name, "Calvin", and they persist to call me "Scott". How on Earth does anyone mistake the two? Now, many people (just ask my wife) will tell you that I speak softly and sometimes am misunderstood. But "Scott" for "Calvin" just doesn't make any sense, especially for the pure consistency of the occurrence! What is going on here?

People of Earth: My name is Calvin. Not Scott. It is Calvin.

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Anonymous said...


Someday you will realize I am you alter-ego, you ass!

With Love,