Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Paint.Net on Mono

I technically admire the .Net platform, although I don't use it much myself, except following the tutorials on MSDN for C#, which I compile and run with Mono. Part of this is subscribing to the feed from the MS blogs, just to see if there is anything interesting going on. Through this I found Paint.Net, a nice little project that started small and seems to be growing nicely. I looked into running it on Mono, and was very discouraged to find the developers don't care and don't seem to want it to run on anything but the official .Net implementation on Windows. They act like Mono is a nothing to the side to whisk away like dust on the floor.

Now, am I wrong in expecting anything more? I don't think they should all install Fedora and start using Linux, but as long as they are developing a .Net project, couldn't they at least open the door a little? Their installer even refuses to install with Mono, so I can't even test the damn thing.

That's too bad, because I'm disliking GIMP more and more every day.


Anonymous said...

So I guess the fact that they release the source code means nothing and counts as a "closed door" ?

Calvin Spealman said...

The source code existing somewhere for download doesn't constitute any real openness. Apple takes code from KHTML for Safari, and although they release their changes to it, they just toss out tarballs every few months that are pretty unhelpful in actually merging them back into the trunk. The KHTML developers don't even see enough benefit for the effort to try and make use of them. Same deal here. Releasing the source code is the first step, but it isn't everything. Besides, why should I be forced to download and compile the source code, just to test the software out? All I'm asking for is a more friendly installer.