Friday, December 02, 2005

Pat 0.5.0 for this Weekend

This weekend I'll release Pat 0.5.0 with the following features (and more?):
  • Selection from multiple tables with a From(table1, table2).select(table1.colA) type syntax
  • Column instansiations to pass to insert and update operations, such as table1.colA("foo")
  • Streamlined and cleaned up unittests
  • More complete unittests
  • Deletion of rows
And, possibly some other things. This should be good enough that I'll return my focus to Involgo, which is also about to shape up into a nice prototype of what I'm trying to accomplish. Hopefully, by the end of 2005, I'll be able to show what I've been trying to acheive, and maybe I can actively search for some VC to put my work to better potential.

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