Friday, November 18, 2005

Move away from Blogger and Blogspot?

I've settled in nicely to this blog. I disliked Blogger at first, as it seemed oddly limited, but I dealt with those limitations and I hadn't cared about them for a while. Now I do, again.

I've been messing around with an account on, which uses the popular WordPress blog system. I like it. It seems a little less intuitive than Blogger sometimes, like not being able to explicity order links, or edit my templates directly. But, it does allow for catagories, which is the big thing I don't like missing from Blogger.

I have a meager, if existing at all, group of readers. So I guess I'm not abandoning much. I'll give this some thought and do some more testing with blogsome. If I make the move, I'll probably run my own WordPress server from home. We'll see...

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