Monday, November 28, 2005

Pat 0.3 Released

What a busy weekend. I wonder if it was worth it. I spent most of the actual weekend working on my sub-project, Pat. It works very well now, and with only a single more release, I'll move back to Involgo, which will be using Pat to manage its SQL more cleanly.

Three releases in just over thirty hours. That's a record for me, but I may have wasted my weekend. A few hours after releases Pat 0.3, I caught a blog entry by titus mentioning something called SQLAlchemy. It seems to be pretty much what Pat would become, if I put a lot more work into it. It includes things like joins and seems a mix of my model and the basic Python dbapi, with execute() and fetchone() methods.

It makes me question things. Have I broken the TOOWTDI rule? Did I waste those thirty hours? Should I continue with Pat or put her to rest in favor of a more complete solution?

If I had spent the same amount of time learning SQLAlchemy, would I have gotten to the point with it that I am now with Pat? Also, I don't know if it uses pysqlite2 or the sqlite module, where I requre the prior. I will have to look into this other contender and decide my course of action. For now, I should probably sleep. I should have done that hours ago.

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